LogoArmy and its logo making history

A focus on love and awesome logos

Belief in honesty

Tom created LogoArmy in early 2017 after trying to create a bunch of logos for several websites, and getting really annoyed in the process.

Why was Tom so angry? Well, aside from the miles of traffic he'd driven through that morning, the problem was - well, the problem is that all the existing tools out there just plain suck, and take a lot of time to produce really crummy logos.

After going through the process one last time, and suddenly realising that his blood pressure was going through the roof, Tom was seen to shout loudly NO MORE! before running off giggling like a child to the cave where he creates websites.

Who is Tom?

Tom - or to give him his full name, Thomas Buck - launched LogoArmy in March 2017. While his abysmal piano playing is famous to anyone unlucky enough to be within hearing range, he has led a far more successful development career over the last 20 years.

When not hunched over his laptop, Tom can often be found being told lovingly what to do by his two daughters, and enjoying every second of it.